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Alfa APA M05 Accurate 7dBi Wifi Directional Antenna

Alfa APA M05 Accurate 7dBi Wifi Directional Antenna

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Brand: Alfa Network
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Important! Make sure you don't get refurbished item, There is many Refurbished item from overseas, The only way to get a 100% new item is only by Alfa Official Retailer and you can e mail to  and verify my store to assure you get quality, original and 1 year warranty from Alfa Network


- Works with all 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices that have an RP-SMA connector, not just ALFA brand ones


Cash On Delivery available for Klang Valley & Selangor but only extra charges RM 10 to cover my petrol cost.

Shipping: Item will be send by Pos Express to reach to you asap at a mininum cost, but if you want it to be pos by poslaju pls let me know, I just charge at cost.


For enquiry pls contact me at 0122073683 Johnny

Main Question: Why Should I have this while there is Made In China Directional Antenna is 16dBI? 

Answer= This is from Alfa Branded made In Taiwan which give you an accurate 7dBI and stable. Great listening is not enough, or make it simple, Your wifi antenna & Wifi Usb Adapter should be able to SHOUT so the other wifi router will able to hear you. I have tested a 20dBI Chicken Brand antenna with Alfa 5dBI original antenna and you know what? Alfa 5 dBI is even have a better listening and mininum lost packet! 


Directional vs. Omin-directional antennas

Gain is not concentrated in one particular direction. Omni-directional antennas work best when you are mobile and do not know where signals are originating. Directional antennas concentrate gain in a particular direction. While the antenna does not need to be in a perfect line of sight to the signal, it needs to be pointed in the general direction. Due to the way antennas work, directional antennas can pick up signals that are the in the opposite direction, but they will be weaker than if the antenna was pointed in that direction. As our graphic above illustrates, each antenna type has an advantage over the other. That is why it is best to have each type, so you can use the antenna that is best for your particular needs. Because directional antennas work best in the direction they are pointed, in many cases you will detect more signals overall with your omni-directional antenna, but find that your directional antenna may get stronger signal strength to signals it is aimed at, and it may also detect additional signals in the direction it is pointed, signals the omni cannot see.


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