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Alfa Network CampPro Kit

Alfa Network CampPro Kit

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SKU: CampPro
Weight: 1 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: Alfa Network
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Wide Range Wi-Fi Solution for RVs, campers, and yacht Internet access

Combining well-known R36 portable WiFi router, Tube series outdoor USB wireless adapters, and high sensitivity outdoor antenna AOA-2409 from ALFA network, Camp Pro brings the most convenient, extended wireless access whenever you're in a camping site or on a boat.

With CampPro, the remote wireless can easily be fetched by the connected Tube USB wireless adapter, and R36 broadcasts the signals to your desktop/laptop computers, smartphone/tablet device for Internet access.



R36 WiFi USB Extender Router

Tube-U (V) specifications in WiFi Camp-Pro N R36 + Tube-U(V)

Tube-U (N) specifications in WiFi Camp-Pro N R36 + Tube-U(N)

Tube-U (G) specifications in WiFi Camp-Pro N - R36 + Tube-U(G)