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Alfa Combo AWUS036NHR+7 & 9 dBi+Magbase+Y Cable

Alfa Combo AWUS036NHR+7 & 9 dBi+Magbase+Y Cable

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SKU: ALFA COMBO AWUS036NHR 2000mW +7 & 9 dBi+Magbase
Weight: 500 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Alfa Network
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ALFA COMBO  AWUS036NHR 2000mW +7 & 9 dBi+magbase



My Personal Review about Alfa Network AWUS036NHR:

As we know, Alfa AWUS036H is know as the best of sensitive wifi hearing, it mean detect a lot of signal with full bar. 
Alfa AWUS036NH is well know as the best of sending signal to the Router because of the high power, So I use a simple language like this......Alfa AWUS036H have a big ear & Alfa AWUS036NH have a big mouth with big shouting so the router can hear the signal.
But the latest Release Alfa AWUS036NHR have both of it! It have a Big ear and a Big mouth, or it mean it can hear well and also can shout well.
So I hope you can understand my simple explaination


Why Choose Alfa AWUS036NHR?

Alfa AWUS036NHR is the long awaited successor to Alfa's popular AWUS036NH 802.11n wireless USB adapter. AWUS036NHR utilizes a new 802.11n chipset from Realtek (RTL8188RU) and features markedly improved receive sensitivity compared to its predecessor. If you have been holding out on upgrading your 802.11g standard Wi-Fi adapter, now is the time to end the holdout. Alfa's AWUS036NHR combines the fast speed of 802.11n with long range reception for both 802.11g and 802.11n standards. This includes a special mount holder with suction cup and clip attachment, for easy mounting on a window or the back of your laptop or netbook's LCD.

If your built-in Wi-Fi adapter is not getting it done any more, the improved 802.11n and 802.11g receive sensitivity of AWUS036NHR will allow you to connect from greater distances and get stronger signals to Wi-Fi networks around you. With maximum speeds of 150 mbps to 802.11n routers, AWUS036NHR is also a perfect solution for video streaming, large downloads, and online gaming. Windows 7 users can easily turn AWUS036NHR into a simultaneous access point using

AWUS036NHR is also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, but Connectify requires Windows 7

Why AWUS036NHR instead of an 802.11n product off the store shelf? Most 802.11n products were designed to get good receive sensitivity and long ranges to 802.11n routers set to a special mode called "N-only" mode which blocks backward compatibility with 802.11g devices. They are backward compatible with 802.11g equipment but get only basic receive sensitivity to G networks. Many people who have upgraded their home routers to 802.11n are not able to set the router to N-only mode as this would block connectivity for G-only devices like iPhones, Android phones, and many DVRs. AWUS036NHR is one of the first Wi-Fi adapters to get very good receive sensitivity to both 802.11n-only, 802.11n/g mixed, and 802.11g networks.


Who need this?

  •  If you always travels outstation or overseas and stay in Hotel with Wifi Hotspot, This is your best choice because from my own experience, your Laptop build in Wifi is too weak and always fail to get the connection


  • A must have for every laptop user because this is 10 times more poweful than your laptop built in wifi and it give your laptop a better wifi reception and respone for faster internet ascess 
  • If you fed up of having wifi access but it state limited access or no internet connection with your CAP AYAM, it is time to change to this High End Alfa 2000mW AWUS036NHR with the latest Realtek 8188RU Chipset, Chicken Brand may take time to get this kind of Chipset because after 3 or 4 month only they will get the large amout of Reject Chipset from the factory.
  • If you have a big office space or 3 storey building sharing 1 wireless router, You definitely need this  powerful ALFA AWUS036NHR USB Wireless Adapter Wi-Fi for your desktop pc or notebook that far away and block by wall from your wireless router. It give you a good, fast and stable connection. 

  • If your are sharing  a single wireless router with your neighbour or relatives or brothers and sister,  but their house is few house away from your house, this is the best choice with ALFA AWUS036NHR USB Wireless Adapter Wi-Fi long range signal and the antenna is can be upgrade to 24 dBI from its original 5 dBI antenna which is powerful enough. Why waste $$$$ to register another internet connection while your brothers or sisters is willing to share their wireless router connection with you? 
  • Some new laptops from manufacturers like Dell and HP no longer include a PCMCIA card slot. Up until now if you bought or planned to buy one of these laptops, there would be no way for you to get a wireless connection option with an external antenna connector. This has all changed with this kit we are offering. This will work on any PC with a USB port (laptop or desktop) and is especially ideal for folks whose laptops do not have a PCMCIA slot who need a long range wireless solution! We believe that in the coming years PCMCIA cards will be a thing of the past. So even if your laptop has a slot, why not buy this kit- USB is the wave of the future and then you will be able to use this kit on any laptop you might purchase down the road.
  • A must have for those who stay in Kampung Wifi area or Penang Wifi



Bonus Gift:  

  • Free Poslaju which take only 1 day to arrive to you in excellent service. Item will be post the same day you make payment unless it is a public holiday or midnight. Cash On Collect at Cheras or Bandar Sunway if you want it  immediately.


Product Features:

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards
  • 2.4GHz frequency band, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
  • Complies with Universal Serial Bus Rev. 2.0 specifications
  • High speed transfer TX data rate up to 150 Mbps
  • Supports wireless data encryption with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, and 802.1x.
  • Wide Range coverage
  • Compliant with FCC Part 15.247 for US, ETS 300 328 for Europe
  • Supports driver for Windows 2000, XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64-bit.


More about what is included in this kit:

This kit includes the factory 5 dBi omni directional antenna, and also a 9 dbi gain omni directional antenna that is about 16 inches tall. If you plan on getting an antenna extension cable to go between the adapter and the antenna, it is recommend to use the 9 dBi antenna in such a case because of gain loss. We are also including an Alfa branded 7 dBi directional panel antenna. Where the 5 dBi and 9 dBi omni directional antennas concentrate gain in a 360 degree pattern, the 7 dBi directional panel antenna concentrates gain in the direction it is pointed (the side with the Alfa logo is the side you want to point at the signal). It does not pick up networks very strong from directions in which it is not pointed. So while it will see fewer networks overall compared to the omni directional antennas, it will do a better job piercing obstacles and interference in the direction it is pointed. It is hard to say which antenna will work best in a particular environment, and if you are traveling then of course you will be in many different environments. That is why we are offering this kit, so you can get all of these antennas at a lower price compared to buying everything individually. We are also throwing in a magnetic docking base with 1m cable that can be used with any of the antennas. This is ideal for RVers who may want to run the antenna outside of the unit to get a better signal. The  U-mount included in this kit is a holster that fits around the unit and has a clip and a suction cup, so you can affix it to a wide array of surfaces or things. The clip is ideal for clipping the unit to the back of a laptop or desktop LCD, while the suction cup is great for putting the unit on a window.

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