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Alfa R36 Wifi Extender Diagram

Alfa R36 Wifi Extender Diagram

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Alfa R36 Wifi Extender Diagram/Multifuntion
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Who Need This? 

Outside Building signal receiver 

  • If You rely on wifi signal from outside of your building to go online, This is the solution. With Alfa R36 just  plug in  your Alfa AWUS036H, It receive signal from outside and boost it inside your House/Office/Building. So you can go online with your laptop built in wifi or even with your Iphone /Android and share the connection with every one of your family.

  • Some consumer purposely buy a Yagi Antenna and put outside their building,  and also a long cable that make their house look mess up just to connect to their wifi adaptor just to get outside wifi signal. Alfa R36 is the solution for all this above without messing up your building with cable. 

  • The other best way to get outside high wifi signal is to take your laptop and go online outside of your building because the signal is weaken and block by many walls. But do you think that it is practical to do it in this way? Alfa R36 give you all this solution  


 If you are using Maxis, Celcom , or Digi or others wireless Broadband, Just plug in your Broadband Provider HSUPA adapter into the Alfa R36 and your entire family can go online with just sharing 1 HSUPA adapter!  


OpenBox & DreamBox

 Recently a lot of open box user choose R36 to avoid their home from mess up with cable

It can also become your Streamyx  Or fiber optic powerful Wifi Router(Bridge)         


  • High Speed Data RatesProviding faster data rates of up to 150Mbps and is compatible with legacy 802.11b/g equipment 
  • Advanced Robust SecurityFirewall with SPI to protect the internal host from hacker attacks. Wireless security is comprehensive and included WPA/WPA2 PSK 
  • Feature RichWDS, Dual SSIDs, Static Routing, QoS and more